Christmas is the best time to move out of your work, catch up with your family, sleep and watch all your favorite movies of the season. Moreover, you can eat good food till you get full and sleep it off or you can escape for a hilltop or get out of town if you can manage. However, Christmas is not just the reindeer and Christmas cake, the stress of gift-giving during this season would make it much difficult for you. So why don’t you try something new this year, you can make you’re shopping much more comfortable by doing it online. On the other hand, you can avoid the last minute shopping rush, and we are here to share with you the best gift for this Christmas. There is no better gift than a floral gift for the upcoming Christmas.

Why are rose gifts unique?

Flowers are the best gift of nature for anyone who is looking for a gift, especially the roses. Roses signify love and beauty, so there is no wonder that these beauties are the key to the world of gift giving. You can use these beautiful flowers to convey your feelings to your loved one when words fail to do the job. People use these fantastic flowers for over millions of years as a gift to express their emotions directly. So why don’t you move out from the common gift-giving method of fresh flowers which doesn’t last for even a week? Well, now you can pick the most amazing rose gifts that last for decades while creating everlasting moments from Gold Rose Emporium. It is the only online store which offers you unique, and premium rose gifts which gives an elegant look.

So why are you waiting, invest your money on an adorable rose which lasts for thousands of years? These premium roses would continue with you forever without any change in the outlook or the quality. The plus point is that the money you invest in these beauties would never be a waste as they are always worth enough for the amount you pay. No matter what situation your recipient is enjoying, either the Christmas or the Valentine’s, these exotic beauties would make them feel more special on the holiday season.

The concept of exchanging roses was popular during the ancient times to communicate through the language of flowers among both the men and women. People use to give meanings to these beauties based on their colors. Generally, roses are known as the symbol of love and romance, but various colors of them provide shades of different meanings. So if you are looking forward to giving a meaningful and a thoughtful rose gift you will have to consider their colors. Keep on reading for an excellent guide to what various shades of these roses mean and what special occasions they are appropriate for,

A simple guide on different colors of roses

We are discussing both the standard and unique colors of roses, so first you can go through our list of standard colors of roses. So let’s go through them,

Common colors of roses

Red roses

Red rose is one of the familiar and popular rose among lovers. It is the symbol of beauty, romance, and passion. The gift of a single red rose communicates the loyalty and devotion, so why don’t you give a red rose dipped in pure gold for your loved one on this Christmas. Well, you might think that this is not the time to gift red roses as it is not the Valentine’s, NO! Red roses are appropriate even on non-romantic seasons, so fear not, you can get your lover a stunning red rose on this Christmas.

White roses

White roses have a range of symbolic associations such as innocence, purity, spirituality, virtue and new beginnings. However, earlier, people use to believe that the deeper the color of rose, the deeper the passion. So this fantastic white rose is impressive for a girl or a woman who has not felt a passionate and deep love. On the other hand, they associates with new beginnings, so it would be perfect to propose you’re loved one on this Christmas with a white rose.

Yellow roses

Today, the yellow roses commonly used as the symbol of true friendship, especially the platonic friendship. So make sure that you don’t gift a yellow rose for a friend who you got romantic interest as it would give the signal as you are only interested in them as a friend. But for a friend, the yellow roses provide the message of caring, joy and true friendship. So send your best friend a yellow rose dipped in gold, silver or either in platinum to strengthen your bond for years.

Pink roses

Pink roses would give you a wide range of meanings, as in general they symbolize gentleness, admiration, innocence, dignity, happiness, and dignity. However, different shades of them give a different sense. The paler ones signify sweetness and grace while the deeper ones provide the meaning of gratitude. So make sure that you pick the right color of pink rose to give the right message for your special ones on this Christmas. However, Gold Rose Emporium offers you both these colors of roses coated in precious metals.

Uncommon colors of roses

Now that you have got some information on common colors of roses, you can keep on reading to find the meaning in some unusual colors of these fantastic flowers.

Orange roses

Orange rose is best to send a strong message on attraction, fascination, desire, passion, and enthusiasm. They give the meaning of romance. So they are best to give the idea that you are in love to the person who receives them. So gift an orange rose to convey you are unsaid love to your crush on this Christmas.

Purple roses

The purple roses are fascinating and unique while gives a deep meaning. These fantastic flowers symbolize mystical and enchantment. In case, if you are in love with someone on first sight, this would be the perfect one to gift on the upcoming Christmas.


Green roses

Green roses symbolize calm, peace and spiritual rejuvenation. As it gives the symbolism of fertility, this would be an excellent gift for new parents. So why don’t you grab an adorable green rose from Gold Rose Emporium to a couple of new parents or for your parents as the Christmas gift. They would genuinely fall in love with these lovely flowers coated in pure gold or silver.