Dark Blue Preserved Rose With Glass Dome


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Gaze upon our wonderful dark blue preserved rose in its very own stunning glass dome.

If you’re after flowers but want them to last longer than a few days, preserved roses are the perfect solution. Preserved roses are real roses that have gone through a preservation process so that they don’t need to be watered and they don’t require sunlight.

We select each rose directly from our own nursery, only when they are ripe for the picking, in order to create the most wonderful gift for you, our loyal customers.

Preserved roses are far better than dried roses, because dried roses become brittle and can easily be broken.

All Gold Rose Emporium’s preserved roses come in their own gift box to protect the contents for shipping. When kept at room temperature and away from moisture, heat and direct sunlight, preserved roses last around 1 year.

No watering at all is necessary, simply place the item in your home and delight in its beauty. Our preserved roses make the ideal gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Mother’s Day or any special event.

A real rose is the greatest gift someone could give to the person they love the most. Roses have always been a classic gift of love but real roses only last a few days. The ideal solution would be to have a rose which lasted forever and that’s just what Gold Rose Emporium has achieved with its Blue Preserved Rose With Glass Dome by Gold Rose Emporium – its a stunning gift which stems from the efforts of our talented craftspeople.

A strongly guarded secret, the process of preservation is a work of delicate concentration and expertise by many talented people in a variety of areas. The natural roses are grown in our very own nursery and when the time is right, they are carefully picked. The Blue Preserved Rose is a classic piece of craftsmanship and is a gift that is guaranteed to bring a smile to the recipient.

Throughout the three month preservation process, the Blue Rose Preserved Rose is glazed and then gold dipped a number of times to ensure its clarity and sturdiness. This process is one which is lengthy and delicate, so each rose ends up being a true article of style and beauty. It’s such a lovely and sought after item that never ceases to amaze those who gaze upon it.

The Blue Preserved Rose from Gold Rose Emporium in its glass dome is an outstanding gift that says so much to so many. Nothing can quite compare to the sheer brilliant matching of the gold and blue colours. It would make a wonderful addition into any home or workplace. Simply present one as a gift and watch the look of surprise, for there is nothing as impressive as a real rose dipped in 24K gold, an item of love that will last forever.


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