Pink Preserved Rose With Glass Dome


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Gaze upon our wonderful pink preserved rose in its very own stunning glass dome.

If you’re after flowers but want them to last longer than a few days, preserved roses are the perfect solution. Preserved roses are real roses that have gone through a preservation process so that they don’t need to be watered and they don’t require sunlight.

We select each rose directly from our own nursery, only when they are ripe for the picking, in order to create the most wonderful gift for you, our loyal customers.

Preserved roses are far better than dried roses, because dried roses become brittle and can easily be broken.

All Gold Rose Emporium’s preserved roses come in their own gift box to protect the contents for shipping. When kept at room temperature and away from moisture, heat and direct sunlight, preserved roses last around 1 year.

No watering at all is necessary, simply place the item in your home and delight in its beauty. Our preserved roses make the ideal gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Mother’s Day or any special event.

When you wish to show true love to that special individual, it’s understood that it is a relationship of trust and love that should last forever. Love has always been described as being the most blessed feeling for those who have felt it. The mythical character Cupid is said to have roamed the world with his bow and quiver full of arrows in search of those lovers who wish to convey their undying affection. Once he sees such a pairing, his arrow will fly, engaging the lover’s hearts to begin of a loving relationship between the two mortal souls.

Once are couple are in love, it’s a classic tradition to swap presents and it’s mostly the male who initiates the gift presentation. Men take the opportunity to give presents to their true loves but the selection of presents should always be carefully considered, because a present that lasts a lifetime would be much more well received than one which lasts only a few days or so.

The Pink Preserved Rose With Glass Dome from Gold Rose Emporium which is a real rose put through a lengthy preservation process, would be the greatest gift that you could present to her. A gift for all occasions, the Pink Preserved Rose is a such a stunning item that she would truly be awe of receiving it. Sitting inside in its very own glass dome, this real rose dipped in 24K gold really does last a lifetime.

The gradient of pink is gorgeous and will make anyone impressed by its wondering allure. It’s the type of gift that says so much without the use of words, for no words are needed. And that’s just what the gift of the Pink Preserved Rose from Gold Rose Emporium says, it says love, devotion and appreciation without saying a single word. Whoever receives it will be genuinely speechless and appreciative. Not only will the recipient of such a fine gift be in wonderment, but the giver will also enjoy the satisfaction of seeing that huge smile on her face.


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